After Christmas

Since my trip in Dubai I haven’t been traveling and thats not a common thing for me. Spending the holidays with my friends and family

is just something I really value and I try to be present as long as I can. Having them around me, makes me such a blessed person and is the best fuel I can store to put into all the new challenges ahead of me. Now christmas is in the past, I have been living towards the future and somehow it always takes me to a different place and this time its Paris again. I Hopped on a train to be reunited with the most romantic city of the world! Lets say there is something waiting for me there.. It may be love, new opportunities, inspiration or just a pit-stop to a new destination. For now, I’m trying to enjoy life, focus on whats coming and processing what has been!


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    22/01/2017 at 04:48

    So beautiful

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